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bygone bliss :: 3 wedding tips collected over 13 years

On our anniversary date – for us it’s been year 13 now – thoughts automatically travel back in time. Not only through the fun and hard work of the past years of marriage, but also to the day it all officially began: our wedding. Apart from my own wedding I have seen many more very diverse weddings of different cultural backgrounds, because I am a wedding photographer for quite a few weekends during the year. So my wedding tips that I collected over the years are what my new sister-in-law and her husband got from me earlier this year.


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What would I pass on, if I would want to give any tips to couples, who are out there planning their wedding? Many photographers write blog posts about that very same topic and I am sure you have read those blog posts, so I don’t want to bore you with re-phrasing the same old same old. Instead, I would like to pass on warm words I haven’t seen much and I gave my brand new sister-in-law and her husband, who just had their beautiful wedding.


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The one thing that seems to transcend all cultures and ages of couples is my first and probably most important tip:


1. Tip: Find out what is important for you.


Have a chat with your partner and find out what are the most important parts on your wedding day. Sort them out first, which means: book them well in advance (this might mean over a year in advance!). This way you get what you want and don’t have to settle for third or fourth options because that is all that is still available – on the most important aspects of your wedding day.


2. Tip: The first (and possibly the most) money you spend for your wedding is for the most important.

So if it is important then spend the money so you really get what you want. Recommendation on what to spend on a caterer, venue, or wedding planner are all fine and good, but if those things are not that important to you then don’t spend that recommended amount of money on it. And yes, I include photography in here, too! While we talk about money have in mind: You get what you pay for. A Mercedes costs more for a reason 😉


our framed wedding photograph taken a long time ago but timeless beautiful to us

Our framed wedding photograph was taken a long time ago but timeless beautiful to us.


3. Tip: You will be happiest with vendors, who’s work you like and get along with well.

That’s assuming you want to have fun planning your big day and on your actual wedding day, too. What is important for choosing a photographer – or any other vendor of your wedding? Again besides all those other recommendations you find in wedding magazines and on wedding blogs, I told my sister-in-law: The best work is the one you like. It’s really simple. When browsing the web for photographers, you will find pretty quick the kinda work you like and those are the ones I would contact first. Then find out if you would like to work with them on your biggest day – yes. Personality can make or break a day. An engagement photo shoot with your wedding photographer can be a great way to get to know each other. If you decide to book an engagement photo shoot with me, you will receive a reduced price on your custom wedding collection.


our wedding venue re-visited earlier this year - we waited to long

Our wedding venue revisited earlier this year.


To keep it short and sweet I stop here.


In summary


Identify the things that are most improtant to you and in order to get those right, book them first and spend enough on it so you are happy with quality and the people you are working with. I think that will help you during your planning and might just give you that little bit more peace of mind, when using the money you have set aside for your wedding day.

Happy planning and even more fun on your day!

Magazine & wedding blogs that featured my work: Love me Do (NZ wedding blog); My Asian Wedding; Bride Club Me; Harper’s Baazar Arabia Bride.


our wedding venue now from the inside

Our wedding venue from the inside currently.


My extra tip for after the wedding:


For your first anniversary go back to your wedding venue and just enjoy. We waited way too long to do that. It was nice when we did do it earlier this year! Celebrate each year and all the hard work you two put into your relationship! For year 13 we celebrated at the Moevenpick Resort & Spa at the Dead Sea Jordan. Needless to say we won’t forget that one either 😉


celebrating 13 years at the Dead Sea

Celebrating 13 years at the Dead Sea, Jordan.


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