Spring Flowers and Goodbyes

I grew up receiving, on my birthday table, a little tiny vase filled with snowdrops – when the snow allowed them to come through, that is. Moving away from home, then down unde,r and now living in Dubai, never again did snowdrop blooming coincide with my birthday.  I also loved the other spring flowers and I realized this was a beautiful memory I had almost forgot about until I went back for my grandma’s funeral a week ago. She was the one who would put them in that little tiny vase. I love my grandma Lucie! She almost made it to 90 years. What a wonderful, long, and sometimes difficult, life she had.


I took this photograph of my grandma a few years ago knowing that I will one day I would place it in the chapel during her funeral service. My last gift I could give her.



borszikphotography-borszik photography print A4-01


It was very peaceful and beautiful saying our goodbyes to her and, for the first time in nine years, I was able to spend my birthday with my siblings again! What a gift she gave me – us all – even in her passing. I realized again that all of this, along with my sister in hospital due to a difficult pregnancy, family is indeed very special. I hope you will, too, be able to spend time with your loved ones when it really matters.




With much gratitude in my heart, wishing you all a thankful day!

Katharina xxx