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Portrait Fashion Shoot

You got a fantastic gown and want an amazing masterpiece of yourself in a dream location? You got a cool piece of accessory that needs to get out of your wardrobe? You have an amazing outfit but no location? Fear not! Search no further! In case you wonder we also take guys …


… along on the shoot and can pose them handsomely together with you, if you want. Admittedly, no guys on this shoot and there are more dramatic possibilities in the UAE or the Middle East than a sandy beach. Either your dream location here in the Middle East, or somewhere else, or one of my ideas. I get inspired during my travels a lot – check out my Wanderlust – Travel Photography here.  No matter what we decide on, I am up for it.



If you happen to have a roof top tip for a shooting location in between sky scrapers do message me or maybe know of some ancient ruins that only wait to be photographed with you in your elegant gown standing in between them.



Borszik Photography Portrait


My inspiration for these two outfits was a really long flowing fabric as sleeves to set them in scene in soft light. The black dress got some extra fabric attached to give this flowing look. No wind that morning – so glad stylists and Hair & Make Up are also wonderful fabric flowing helper!


Borszik Photography Portrait

Borszik Fashion Portrait

With the red dress I wanted to incorporate feathers as collar. A bit more of a fashion look or something for special occasions or parties maybe. I played around with soft light but also harsher light. Then we took the belts off and got the dress flowing and created a totally different look.

I think I will keep playing with different kinds of feathers and might have more shoots featuring them in various forms and shapes. So stay tuned 😉


Borszik Fashion Portrait


My Team for this Portrait Photoshoot with a fashion twist:

Styling: Jessica and Myself
Hair & Make Up: Sofia
Photography: Borszik Photography
Behind the scenes photos: Helen



Have a fantastic Day,