new beginnings and what creatives should do with perfection

The title “new beginnings …” suggests already to the smart reader that a few changes are about to dawn on my photography horizon. New beginnings specially here in Dubai – in the Middle East – but also in my heart and head.

In Dubai I have finally made the move to my own company, which will enable me to work on my craft and direction in a different way, after a year working in an aspiring  international company learning many things that I am sure have enriched my life. Meeting so many talented people from all walks of life has been wonderful and inspiring.

As for my heart and head I am about to re-launch my website starting my new way, which I hope to pursue my photography work on here in Dubai. Following the smart words of James Victore in his trailer below about perfection and what creatives should do with it 😉



In that spirit the website will come alive soon. Stay tuned.

Much Love xxx