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My Deleted Website and what it taught me

My brand new website got deleted – ALL OF IT – in a blink of an eye. It was launched after updating my logo, months of lovingly tweaking and composing every single part of my website on the back-end and the photographs in the editing room, rewriting and then changing it again.


After I found out about the disaster during our vacation I went from disbelief and thinking this is a joke to simply crying – as you do when you lose something you pour your soul in. Then I thought, hang on nothing to worry about – I have set in place risk management and have a backup system for cases like this. So on I went for the rest of my vacation because my back up worked, right? Not quite. Coming back to Dubai and searching through the backup we found that the system was outdated and not properly working leaving me with a version six months old  – so basically before I started my whole re-branding process and design of my totally new website.


To sum this up: 3 months labour of love all vanished.


You might ask, if the server company hosting my website, who’s server crashed and caused it all, they might have an update. Yes they did. Also five months old and they have a clause leaving the backup responsibility with the client.


Borszik Portrait Photography


Knowing that my digital store front is important for the work I do and that I wanted to reach out so so many vendors I was so excited to work with and collaborate, I had nothing to show them on the www. I won’t share with you all the not so glamorous thoughts I had through the last couple of months and the times I tried to think of how I had it all set up the first time around and couldn’t remember a thing. My frustration cloud was hanging big and low over my apartment. But perseverance has brought me to this day, where my website is again launched and I love it.


Borszik Portrait Photography


Because nothing in life happens without a lesson to be learnt, here is what I can share with you and I hope this helps you, too, just less painful:


– Have a backup of all your important data/ documents/photographs (personal and professional). Everything that is important and everything that you spend many hours working on. This includes important paper documents and their digital version, online work (like websites 😉 ) and your computer documents.


– Make sure your backup is current and up to date – check that NOW. When you evaluate your back up system also consider how often it runs – every hour/ day/ week/ month? Is it an automated or manual back up?


I am glad I hang in there through the dark moments and have now a website that shows my work, my style and what I love doing. I hope it will entice many wonderful people to work with me and commission me for their portraits. I also hope this never happens again – although I do have a working back up now and that you might never have to go through that experience.


Have a disaster-free week,



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