my 30 favs from our trip – D

just like my 30 favourites from the USA and Holland, these ones are taken while rediscovering my home country germany photographically! I soooo loved it.

you see below: grandmas clock, Berlin main train station, Hamburg City Hall, Wittenberg Luther’s Church, Piano builder, Heidelberg Gate, Annaberg, Leipzig above ground pipes, Chemnitz old demolished factory, Berlin Street Scene, Nuclear Power Station, Leipzig, Berlin World Clock with date line, Deddelbach Historic old House, Music School putting up a painting, Moedlareuth open air Wall Museum, Annaberg, Heidelberg Castle, Berlin Wall Memorial, Chemnitz East German Apartment Block,  Heidelberg, grandma walking down her street, Berlin, Berlin Gedaechtniskirche, Hamburg Harbour City, aspargus, former boarder officer on Berlin Wall stamping passports.