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Merry Christmas + Frohe Weihnachten

wishing you a wonderful and blessed Christmas hoping you find inner peace and time to spend with the people that are important to you, time away from everyday life, time to ponder the Christmas miracle & the year past. Wishing you also a Happy New Year with lost of good things coming your way in 2014.

I am excited of what lays ahead of me photographically

and at the same time I am incredibly thankful for all the people, who had me as their photographer, who supported me and grew me. Thank you so much! I hope you joined me on Facebook so we can stay in touch via the web, if not in person. I am always up for a coffee and a chat. 🙂

Borszik Photography

What means Christmas to you? Why celebrate?
For me besides the birth of Jesus that started my salvation, I also connect a lot of traditions and memories with Christmas influenced by the different cultures and countries we lived in. So the picture – and my not soooo good drawing skills sorry 🙂 – represents flashbacks of what I connect with Christmas. Love to hear in your comments, if you recognize something you know or what you connect with Christmas yourself …

Lots of Love,