memories unpacked in box #106

With lots of memories streaming back into my head, while going through all the old prints that I found in moving box number 106. My side track stopped when I suddenly realized

this is it: I am enjoying all these memories coming back. ๐Ÿ™‚ Things I forgotten. Triggered by shabby old, not even in focus, nor properly exposed, totally grey and grainy paper prints from my old happy snap film camera. – remember those devices faintly? – This is one of the reasons I do photography. This is it.

We as photographers get to make lifetime memories – heirloom pieces. They help to tell the story to your children, friends and family about you getting married or your family growing up. It’s a bit cheesy but gives me goosebumps anyway.

My images from 15 years ago are not even nice. There are just blurry prints but I LOVE them for the memories. First image on this blog post was taken the night I fell in love with my now husband Daniel at a children’s retreat in 1998. Our group ofย  caregivers were watching the stars and even saw the “Mir“.

I eventually got better at taking photos. This is the “Preikestolen” in Norway. We hiked it up with a group of people. That’s when Daniel fell in love with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ We talked all the way up and back down, too! We had such a great time. And we still do lots of hiking and travelling. Some things never change…

Borszik Photography

This is me in my early twenties. Daniel took the picture. I am glad its blurry. Can’t believe what I was wearing – fashion clearly not my strength back then!

Also down the memory lane for me was this personal projects: Journey into my Childhood – a little videoPortrait of my Grandma.

I hope you, too, take photos all the time. Doesn’t matter how good they are but they will help you to remember. Make sure you are in some of them, too!

Have a great day