Ladies find your style, book our portrait photographer

Don’t look like everybody else, find your style!

Ladies, take courage and develop your personal style! Be inspired by these seasoned ladies by caring less about what others consider the norm and instead, by dressing up in what tickles your toes and makes your soul sing. Ladies, find your style and book our portrait photographer to celebrate it.


Dress up!


“It’s fun to dress up. It’s an exercise in creativity and it makes you feel better…”  oh yes, now we are  talking. Enjoy the experience of dressing up, not only to turn heads on the street, but for a personalized photoshoot to create some beautiful photographs – this is what I am here for.



Check out the website for book and film here. I hope you liked the film as much as I did and found inspiration as well as hope – you are never too old to find your style!



Celebrate your style


“I have my own ideas of what I like and what I think is chic” is the lady’s statement with the orange lashes and matching hair colour and she just turned 90. I couldn’t agree more. This is what I love to explore in our private consultation and then style a photoshoot around it. What you like, how you see yourself and where your photoshoot location could be are things we will discuss.  If you need a stylist to give you a helping hand, I can help you to connect with the right professionals.


Ladies find your style – age doesn’t matter


Closing with another fabulous quote from the film: “As we get older we get better …” Don’t let age hinder you from showing off your style or booking a photoshoot – stand out! Spoil yourself in indulging in a glamorous portrait photoshoot – here in Dubai or anywhere you like. Connect here with Katharina.



Stay fabulous,