bygone bliss :: my first wedding

not as old as our own wedding mentioned in one of my last blog posts but shot in August 2007, these photographs are the first attempt at wedding photography for me.


A friend from university got married. Knowing I was a REAL beginner at wedding photography, we met for an engagement shooting session beforehand. They were really happy with the photographs – very excited me couldn’t believe it! – and so they had me to photograph their wedding. I still do an engagement photoShoot for the couples I photograph on their wedding day, now for more than the obvious reason back then – read more about it here. A tradition that proofed to be a good from the beginning.

borszikphotographyKCBorszik_21533 borszikphotographyKCBorszik_21222-1

What do you think: has my photography changed much since then? I believe some part of documenting the wedding day has to do with being at the right time + the right place. As a professional you seem to be better at it than the average person because of your skill and experience. But the other part of wedding photography is taking beautiful portraits of people – especially the bride and the groom. I grew in both of those areas hugely – and undoubtedly I am still learning – and on the way I made so many couples really happy with their photographs that are now heirlooms. Quite a responsibility if think about it that way! 🙂


I certainly can see a difference in my images as now I am watching out for a few more things here and there. My post production has changed hugely since 2007 – new gear, software and the goal of creating timeless elegant photographs has lead me to a more simplistic and less trendy way of editing but also firstly making my images.

But hey, share your thoughts. Keen to hear what other people see in my work! 🙂


Well, I hope Tabea and Joe are still happy with their photographs. I loved that we could meet before the wedding and took the portraits then, followed by a special church ceremony led by their dad’s (both pastors, too) and then celebrations started in typical German tradition, where friends and family orchestrate a series of games and entertainment for everybody usually giving your tummy muscles a good workout from all the laughing. Finished off with Tabea singing beautifully for Joe – in front of slide show including their engagement photographs. They live in Germany (the wedding was photographed there, too) and they have two children now.


And that’s it for today with my little nostalgic blog post.