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The new Generation Women Portrait Photography

After listening and seeing Sue Bryce’s work I found what I LOVE about photography. It touched my heart and …

… I knew this is what I want to photograph A LOT MORE! Every-day-women like you and me feeling confident, loving the skin they are in and showing their inner beauty to me while I photograph them. We are so often self critical and unhappy with ourselves and how we look. We can’t see how beautiful we really are. My husband always saw it in my too, but I didn’t see it in myself. I am not alone. That is the really sad part actually.



women portrait photographer dubaiwomen portrait photographer dubai

Portrait Photography Borszik Dubai Portrait Photography Borszik Dubai New Zealand


I saw how women can be transformed (see my before and after gallery here) with hair and make up and pampering and lots of giggles. I was able to create images I felt honoured and proud to take. Ohh is that really me? Yes! 🙂






Every women had a wonderful day going beyond the photoshooting itself. The feeling of the beautiful inside and out lasts! The day was completed by a romantic dinner or a girls night out or …


Portrait Photography Borszik Dubai New ZealandPortrait Photography Borszik Dubai New Zealand


The transformation feeling doesn’t end there. Every time you look at the prints at home or your facebook profile picture you remember how you felt and how wonderful the photoshooting was. Oh and did I mentioned the husbands and friends of those girls went all WOW?

If you are ready to be transformed and would love images to show how beautiful YOU really are, then get in touch. I look forward to hear from you!



Portrait Photography Borszik Dubai Germany Portrait Photography Borszik Dubai Germany



Have a beautiful day,