10 photo selfie tips for Christmas | vol 10

this is it: last iPhone photo selfie tip for you this Christmas Season. I hope all 10 tips have changed a bit how you take pics – for the better! Share the love with your friends and give them a little gift, too.

Tip 10: When in a selfie with a group try to give the camera to someone else not in the photo, so you can pose how I suggest in my previous 9 posts (find them on my blog here) and then don’t look triple the size because you leaning in. Ahhhhh look at my chin 🙁 – top photo is a family selfie (not with an iPhone but you get the chin part) 😉

Bottom iPhone selfie: Somehow guys don’t look that bad when they hold the camera while taking a group selfie, so if no one is around just have the guy in the pic (if available) hold the camera.

Bonus Tip: Take like 5 in a row after announcing your first take. That way you get at least one where everybody is looking with eyes open! – applies to any group photo.



Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas this year.  Make it a relaxed time with the ones close to your heart and leave out all the stress. 🙂

Many Blessings,