10 photo selfie tips for Christmas | vol 07

and today iPhone selfie photo Tip #7 for Christmas to help boost how you look in pictures. Just a few more to go with Christmas just around the corner.

Tip 7: Make sure you focus on the people you photograph (including yourself in a selfie) and not the wonderful smokeman collection that is your Christmas Decoration in the background! hihi 🙂 iPhones focus where you tab it on the screen. So no blurry pics any more!


Daniel, my husband , and I are blessed with so much in our lives and therefore we are giving something to the less fortunate ones. We give regularly to our church and I do fundraiser photography workshops for beginners for special causes, too. How ever we give, we give from our heart and it somehow comes back to us in wonderful unexpected ways. I have met wonderful people at those photography workshops 😉 How about you? Giving not only on Christmas, but this Christmas can be your start! Pick something that is close to your heart: like a charity, church or special project in your neighbourhood.

Find my previous tips on my blog. Only three tips left. Tomorrow #8

Hope you can share your blessings,