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Christmas Tree Art

Christmas Greetings 2014

Many months of silence on my borszik photography website blog meant for me I was incredibly busy with my photography but more about that later. And so it is Christmas again! Perfect time for me...

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portrait photoShoot – a girls’ day out

you thought of maybe having a portrait photoShoot but don’t want to come alone? You have a great group of friends you would love to get a NICE photograph with all of you together? You always wanted to do a pamper session and get a couple of pro tips for make up? You wanne do a bit of a different girls’ day out?

Borszik Photography

bygone bliss :: my brother

yes, my brother is a wonderful memory now for 10 Years. He and his passing changed who I am and what photography means to me – way before I became a full-time professional photographer. It also taught me a lesson about family after he has long left us.

Kid President

20 Things You Should Say to Make the World a Better Place

first blog post in 2014 and it couldn’t be more fitting with so much goal setting happening around this time of the year. Finding ways how we can make a difference is actually going to work. We can make the world a better place :) Waiting for other people to magically do something is not working. Who is “the others” anyway?

Borszik Photography

travel tales :: jordan vol 2

hoping that this volume is as exciting to view as Jordan vol 1 of my travel tales, I am kick starting this blog post with some amazing landscapes that you must see, if you ever get to Jordan! For the real-feel of almost being there, I included a move-around-360 and a truly Middle Eastern goosebump experience of the sunset call to prayer echoing through the hills of Amman from the Citadel… happiness + grateful

Borszik Photography

Merry Christmas + Frohe Weihnachten

wishing you a wonderful and blessed Christmas hoping you find inner peace and time to spend with the people that are important to you, time away from everyday life, time to ponder the Christmas miracle & the year past. Wishing you also a Happy New Year with lost of good things coming your way in 2014.

I am excited of what lays ahead of me photographically